Gout is a condition affecting mostly men over the age of 30, and woman after menopause. A type of arthritis, gout occurs when small crystals form around and within joints. This leads to sever pain and swelling lasting anywhere from three to 10 days.

Symptoms of gout include swelling and severe pain in joints, a feeling of ‘hot tenderness’ when touching the affected joint, and skin going red and shiny over the joint. When a person’s body doesn’t filter out enough uric acid, crystallization occurs at certain joints – where inflammation takes place from time to time.
We increase our chances of gout when drinking too much alcohol, eating foods (like red meat and offal) that build up uric acid in the body, having high blood pressure or diabetes, or having close relatives with gout.

Ginger is prescribed for inflammatory conditions across the world, and its ability to help gout is well documented. As in one study which found that topical ginger reduced pain relating to uric acid in gout.

Tumeric’s most active ingredient, curcumin, has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities. This helps to ease gout-related inflammation and pains.

Tart Cherry juice significantly reduces the serum uric acid levels in the body, which makes it an effective treatment of gout flare-ups.
GoutAid’s unique formula of active ingredients includes Tumeric, Ginger, Tart Cherry, Grape Seed, and Black Pepper Fruit. In unison, these widely-used gout treatments offer relief from gout when the patient needs it most.

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